My review: LAPIS EXILIS – Nihil



Second album for an artist that after the debut of HEXAGRAM two years ago is back in the news in a heavenly way with its music, which in the meantime has been strengthened without losing anything in its ability to be ethereal.

9 new songs in a live version in Studio that draw a picture covered with chiaroscuro, with gems which shine in the icy border of the universe.

7 new tunes that define a sound, an aspect that in my opinion counts even more than the genre, that in any case is a splendid crossover of alternative shoegaze and Gothic music, with a wise use of technology that adds pathos to the compositions.

Songs with a dramatic flavor, inner rhythms that envelop the stomach, guitars that smell of 70’s but subtly hidden, thus offering even more curiosity.

Remarkable work also as regards the drumming

which is a substantial part, the perfect basis for the structures of the tracks that expand the senses up to absolute perdition.

A highly recommended album, you will find food for your fears, it will be comforting, it will help you, it will be a steady and sure hand on your heartbeats.

A record that also has the ability to appear original and at the same time to give you clear points of reference that look back to a past that you won’t find difficult to recognize, an album which is like a successful surgical operation.

Now sink into a sofa, keep the light low and start flying with these songs that really seem designed to get us away from our usual and daily boundaries.

Song by song


27 seconds of suspension introduce us to the album.


Heavy guitars, a perfect drumming, and it’s immediately rupture, distortion, a search for oxygen, psychedelic guitars that take us by the hand.


A powerful, solid track, which at first brings to mind The Young Gods, then the guitars seem to tinge the music with shoegaze and Darkwave and we dance in the night, with a voice that hits high notes dilating them. We surrender to this nocturnal beauty.

Distorted Mirrors

Probably the most dramatic and intense moment of the album: guitars and beats which take a position in the centre of the stage, rarefied and powerful, the song seems to suspend our breath, a mantra guitar dazes our listening, petals of magic make the atmosphere scented with absolute beauty.

Secret Fire

When the bass and an electronic drumming pave the way for a contagious, ethereal, heavy melody, one enters the area of mystery, slowly, and sinks without the possibility of defending oneself: a new distant star that invokes our gaze and disappears with its aura of final lightness …


A guitar full of sparks accompanies us in a path made of thunder, roars in the heart, we find a light, we are darkness that rises and looks for a new place to live.

Sheer wonderment!

In silence

A bass which open the arms: we are ready to listen to a song that is rooted in the way of singing of Brendan Perry in the first Dead Can Dance album, but the music has a different identity, echoes of prog show up.

You can breathe tension in a tune that is the tribal mass of restless souls.

Still Warm

Here is a song that contains the stylistic greatness of the album: absolute vortex of rhythm, melody (a bass that is a definitive knockout) and a singing which is a modern, sensual and refined prayer.

As Long

An initial modern lullaby leaves its scepter to a dark, sidereal, lysergic and ethereal atmosphere.

New episode of suspension, we stay open-mouthed because wonder besiege our listening for this track that closes a wonderful album.

Alex Dematteis

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