My review: Ist Ist – A new love song

Ist Ist – A New Love Song

My review

You are stunned.

Ist ist are back with the fifth song from their album Architecture out on May 1, 2020.
And here we find all their ability to dig into the soul, a track with a sepulchral tone, which upsets our hearts: it’s three minutes and forty-four seconds of darkness, keyboards that freeze our breath, the voice is a baritone litany bringing out all the blackness of our lives and the desire for someone here shows the hue of darkness.
These are the atmospheres that perhaps will not attract a certain target of people: uncomfortable, chilling, we find it hard to let ourselves be traversed by this flow if we are not accustomed to this type of sound.
But Mancunian Ist Ist are not fearful, they are bold and in the architecture of their musical project there is nothing to fear: they are able to live music as a gift, aware that their musical path may not even reach the masses.
They however are capable of building wide-ranging songs. And this last one is absolutely a Masterpiece: maybe you will need time, but there are vast possibilities that you will be wrapped by it.
Alan Vega, Martin Rev, Steven Brown, Leslie Reininger, Gary Numan and Bernard Summer: all artists who somehow could have written a tune like this too, which draws from electronic music of the second half of the 70s but not only. It is an electronic poetry that descends the stairs of our safety, takes us into the storehouse of insecurities and certainties, as if it were the same place…
For a new love song it is so in an unusual way: in the end it is a tune where loneliness and bitterness hold hands. Kisses and hugs and glances are in a context of isolation, which in the end results in something similar to dance on drums that are as glacial as the nights surrounding them.

You are stunned.

Alex Dematteis

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