My review: NIL NIL – Swollen Lips And Empty Pockets

NIL NIL – Swollen Lips And Empty Pockets

My review

The Italy that we know little presents us four guys from Padua and Venice who created a debut album, last December, able to range through multiple musical territories, knowing how to do it but with their own style, that you can perceive between the grooves: a record that sounds fresh, dynamic, captivating since the initial Getting Better which seems to remind us of the New Model Army of the beginning, with a magnificent bass line, robust drums and a sharp guitar.

We are here in a territory where the folk root becomes electric and combines with an intriguing Indie.

Glue ( poor quality ): a song that lets us move in the room in a powerful dance, scratching guitars, a tune that seems to come from the old Damned, a nourishing and wise rock song.

And then the undisputed jewel of the album: The Hard Law Of The Numbers, light reflections in a track that smells of postpunk, sweats with life, guitars like poisoned snowflakes, drums that seem to come out of Killing Joke with naughtiness and skill. A song of infinite beauty.

Having Fun During The Collapse: here’s the perfect interaction between the instruments, your scribe always asserted that the ideal musical formation is the one composed of bass guitar drums and vocals and here everything highlights my statement. An effective slap of a sensual bass, a sharpened guitar with a splendid wah wah, wonderful vocals going through a fantastic effect and the song flows away like an irresistible dance. The perfect connection between the 70’s and the 90’s.

Lunacy: in awe, shivers, we are breathless to contain another jewel, a dark jewel expanding in our lungs. The rhythm becomes slow, then we see a flash and we dive into the drumming that get broken and breaks us. The guitars are twisting guts, they are sublime.

Run Rabbit Run: fragmented guitars, a bass capturing the sense of post-punk, here the 80s re-emerge but with a dress that shines with modernity.

Whose Side Are You On? – We are almost at the end and the guys from Padua reignite the rhythm with continuity, a race in the dark, a wonderful voice opens towards our veins oxygenating them. The sound seems to emerge from that highway where it runs fast, and not even the few pauses, necessary in the story telling, give us the idea of a slowdown. It is a missile speeding through our hearts.

Something Like Jesus – The album ends with a bass that reminds us of Fields of the Nephilim, but there’s nothing gothic here, rather a post-punk oxygenated with intelligence flowing into a psychedelic guitar that, with modern sensuality, pierces us.

Vocals become solemn, a vertical tale where Jesus and the devil are facing each other. The drums take us into the territories under the asphalt, supported by that hypnotic bass enchanting us.

A record to listen to in perfect solitude, and like a slingshot it will hit the target: our hearts will bleed only with joy, because these songs have found them…

Alex Dematteis

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