My review: ANGLETER – Porazheine

Angleter – Porazheine

My review

Here it is the third single Porazheine by Evgenii Lukin, this guy from Yekaterinburg who with his project Angleter has just released an ep composed of 5 songs which drag us in a sensual dance that, starting from Postpunk, looks with beauty and effectiveness towards a synthwave that follows the footsteps of other fellow countrymen like Ploho to fill its sound ground of Coldwave too. And since the initial Eschatologix we are surrounded by a music that evokes spaces with the colours of sadness. Then the following DREAMS clears our minds with a magnificent and intense dance guided by a guitar that, like iron and couch grass together, covers us with a Postpunk of excellent quality. PORAZHENIE is the gem that definitely conquers us: a song bringing sadness in a realm of light, where the protagonist finds himself drunk in a mental territory now overwhelmed by disappointment and loneliness. The guitar digs deep finding mental windows now prone to surrender, the rhythm of the drum machine that accompanies it is bewitching.

Holod-I-Pustota is a synthwave mantra that with cold sweats glides towards a modern and effective Coldwave. And the story of a mental distance confirms the difficulty of communication. Everything becomes glacial: a tune that wets the nerves and makes us aware. The ep is closed by P.M. that has a lot to thank the 80’s, in that dancing part of synthwave. A sublime and elegant way to say goodbye, hoping for an album soon.

Alex Dematteis

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