My review: 3+Dead – 3+dead

3+Dead – 3+dead

My review

The Italy that you do not expect, the one that has a sound dress of incredible beauty, elegant and bewitching, concealed in the heart of its capital, Rome, must find a way to get out of that beautiful city to obtain a location in the heart of the world.

In November of last year the three Roman talents released their debut self-titled album and we are surprised it is not yet in the daily listening of a mass that would surely be conquered by their sound and their compositions, bewitching, sweet, full of rhythm, seductive.

Elisa, Roberto and Giuseppe have created a painting in nine acts which is ready to wrap us with a grace that at least in Italy is difficult to consider feasible.

These songs have the sound of the world that ranges through different musical genres and periods, it is an agglomeration of warmth that through their consistency and credibility make us privileged.

Surely among these we find an excellent reinterpretation of genres such as Dreampop, Shoegaze and sometimes a postpunk elaborated with minimal electronic inserts, effervescent and of excellent level.

Now I just have to go into these sonorous flowers.

Song by song

Snake of June

” You could reach out for help through the mud

to punish me

with some kind thoughts “

The album starts immediately with a song opening towards the sweet sea of a darkwave dressed for a party that invites Dreampop to an energic dance.

Elisa outlines, with a melancholy song, a race of the soul that becomes physical, supported by a rhythmic section that does not stop, and that makes us tremble, while the race does not end…

Ocean Drift

” fill your mouth with words

suffocating in your throat

and you’re drowning

underwater “

The rhythm slows down, we’re in a warm bed, full of dreams and poetry.

There is a certain resignation in the lyrics, a sadness that sticks to the guitars skilfully, this song is a subdued flight in the bed, a poem that enters those lungs full of earth playing in a silence that can frighten…


“Through dusty ruins of towns

I slowly drive

The wind is blowing off

A brighter sky “

For the lyrics with the highest dose of sadness of the album the band presents us maybe the most dreamy music, a Dreampop that relieves the bitterness of the considerations.

Here we are on the coast of North America, with a music that bears evident traces of that Sarah Records so dear to me, but revised with a typically American style.

This tune is a wonderful cuddle that at minute 3.42 surprises us with a postpunk turn for a few seconds, before returning to its flow with guitars that recall even the most dreamy Cure.


“Since you left the bed

it always rains “

Here is the perfect connection between lyrics and music: an excellent track, full of fog, a soul marked by a wound leading to wisdom, it is an imaginary dialogue that, with grey and elegant guitars, and a rhythmic section that knows how to shake us, shines in our listening with a scratchy bass and Elisa’s voice that is a pure and convincing diamond.


“All the things I’ve done

Will be lost in the past

Closing my eyes

In the end I will rest “

When the human spirit meets the elements of Nature: what can happen?

We find out among these intense sonic sparkles, a lucid and open connection that conquers and disarms us for its depth.

Guitar and bass are a dark body looking for the light and finding it, just know how to wait for their evolution and then the entrance of Elisa’s voice, which is a silk sheet, a soft breath with subtle tears, for the first time we hear her voice reach higher, majestic tones, leading us to a happy cry…

The things that you call love

“This ancient need

A grasp that almost hurts

Makes your heart bleed

And scatters hope with dirt “

The bitterness of the considerations, a past taking a toll, the ability to bring out thoughts that open a sea of positivity in spite of everything. The song, even through a rhythm suited to dance, is a slow arrow that hits its target, we are impressed by an atmosphere that, with the support of guitars that come from those never forgotten 80’s, takes us into a cellar where fears and trembles could paralyze us, but then the band gives us an unexpected vital oxygen!

Ghost generator

” Your sight is misty and we can take what is not ours in the light of day “

With a beginning that you do not expect, here it is the bewitching, definitive, conquering vortex, if you had doubts: this song is a masked lament, a shadow finding the sun through our precise and deep process of evaluation and transformation. The short, dry, minimalist melody opens our beats that run throughout the body. It is a darkness which pulsates to seek clarity in the world.


And it’s time for something more than a cover: it is a deepening that knows its own interpretation, D.A.F. can only thank.

Musically speaking this is the scribe’s favourite song, the sound embrace of 4 decades that really brings us back to Germany, not only because of the title or since the word Deutschland is pronounced. A minimal wave in disguise, bass and guitars that seem to challenge each other, with Elisa’s voice that appears to have perfectly captured the climax of those years and of that part of Europe that has affected Music so much.

Powerful, full of nocturnal grace, it seems a parade through the streets wet with pain and confusion. The singing becomes almost metric, essential, squared, a perfect reminder of the land that of New Wave, Postpunk and Minimal has reason to boast of many titles. In this track we understand well the infinite capacity not only to draw from sources but to elaborate them. Chapeau!

Rabbit hole

” Inside the rabbit hole

Waiting the light to come

My secret buried down, down

Hidden from this world “

And the enchantment finds its conclusion with this song, where everything seems suspended in the air, a perfect farewell, full of an inner melody, which goes beyond its sound dress.

Here is loneliness as a consequence of a relationship that knows the inadequacy, the incapacity to evolve knowledge. It is a song that turns our stomach, drunk with uncontrollable sensations, that seems to get away, slowly, from our ability to understand.

It is poetry that sticks to the sound, a combination surprising for its intensity, the perfect way to say goodbye and to make us return immediately to the beginning of the album: this is one of the many powers that good Music has and offers, to make us repeat a journey as if everything should be known again.

Alex Dematteis

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