My review: FEARING – Shadow

FEARING – Shadow

My review

3 ep to its credit for this Californian band and finally here it is its first Album descending upon those hearts that are hungry for these crossed and majestic sounds: 10 songs for 37 minutes of decadent vibrations, a melancholic breath that with a remarkable structure darkens our soul delightfully.

It is an agglomeration of sensations, feelings, urgencies which make clear those darkness that we are often afraid of.

To do so, the four guys take up a Darkwave of ancient memory, they unleash an inviting post-punk, echoes of Deathrock that seal everything with light splashes of Shoegaze, making the musical hourglass an ally: with them the passing of time does not produce shortness of breath, but an emotional tension in a fast run.

SHERBERT is the perfect example of what I’ve written: listen to it to become beings who dig in their own intimacy while running, losing your breath but finding a necessary awareness.

In TAIL OF GRIEF we see how some guitars, that in the distance seem to evoke Deathrock so that it appropriates the gloomy and sorrowful space entirely, are also able to fly elsewhere, a Darkwave that takes the Sceptre in return, but it is a realm full of shadows delighting us.

An album that should bring them to fame: they deserve it.

Alex Dematteis

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