My review: RED MISHIMA – Red Mishima


My review

Bologna, Italian city, which has given birth in the past, since the 60s, to many remarkable musical realities, goes back to shine with a wonderful band: RED MISHIMA.

In January, these 5 guys produced their self-titled album: a journey full of anxiety and grey, a straight leg entrance in our realities, abrupt, precise, surgical.
A record that with a rich texture of historical references to post-punk turns towards the territories of shoegaze, but maintaining dark, powerful atmospheres, able to lubricate our thirsty needs to not disconnect completely from those territories still capable of sound developments.
Because that’s what they are good at and they know how to do it very well: it is an album that smells of respect and knowledge of those places and sounds belonging to the late 70s and early 80s. But then they know how to make everything current, fresh, dynamic.
Sixa on guitars, Stephan on bass, Kia on synth and Alty on drums are able to send their skills and emotions to each other in a spectacular, powerful way, with melodies that develop relentlessly.
Then Corinne on vocals seals everything with her high-level interpretative singing, a voice that seduces and conquers us immediately.
I think it is trivial to mention what could be possible reference bands: please don’t fall into the trap, be open and deep, and delve into the listening of these 9 tracks.
This album contains a gloomy adrenaline, sparks of dancing sadness, produces continuous magnetism, with guitars and a bass that often take centre stage but then, with a deep listening, you realize how precious is the work of synth ( These Shadows remain ) and of drums so imaginative, precise, sensual and powerful.
Beyond the mirror: maybe the episode in the album that best expresses their qualities, a dance that seems macabre, dark at the beginning.
But with Seppuku of love everything becomes clear: you can’t escape this dynamic, everything is tuned in a plan of total involvement, we are bodies spiraling down, full of a gloomy but dancing love, a synth that nails us and Corinne’s voice, sensual more than ever, conquers us definitely.
With Crystal Forest the magic is complete: this is their most intense jewel, a drumming that takes us in the surroundings of The Cure’s Pornography, with a bass that follows it closely and guitars that are a sharp, hysterical, captivating scratch, of infinite beauty.

I thank Valerio Lovecchio that with his Swiss Dark Nights continues to offer us bands that really deserve knowledge and deepening.

Alex Dematteis

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