My review: IAMTHESHADOW – Awake & Asleep

IAMTHESHADOW – Awake & Asleep

My review

The last single before their next album PITCHBLACK is here, well protected in our hearts: the Portuguese band confirms its growth and direction towards a way including innovations in its approach and a considerable improvement.

This song, written with Diego Merletto from The Frozen Autumn, is a flame, a tear dancing among dark and dense keyboards.

The voices are passionate, sublime, melancholic, capable of releasing chain emotions.

It is a tune that generates tension, expectation, that slips inside us without a possibility of stopping it: Pedro and his companions find with this moving melody the key to make us slaves of a Darkwave with its best, convincing dress.

There is a great work in terms of melody of vocals, perhaps as never before, and it can only produce a great pathos.

Its lyrics were written by Diego and its music by Pedro (with the contribution of Rui and Vitor) for a really effective connection.

The guitar, which seems to be kept in the background, is instead essential to unite everything, giving a greater meaning to keyboards. But it is effective and equally fundamental.

Now we just have to wait for the album convinced that it will be like looking towards a new horizon and ready to continue to breathe amazement and to feel new wonders.

Alex Dematteis

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