My review: THIS ETERNAL DECAY – Silence

My review


Out 24th April 2020

Unity is strength… but also a quality, and the project THIS ETERNAL DECAY, including members of three different bands, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), bassist Pasquale Vico ( Date at Midnight ) and drummer Andrea Freda ( Spiritual Front, Spiral69 ), is here to show us with this Silence, which captivates for its intensity, its ability to explore skillfully different musical genres well connected to each other in a neurotic, gloomy dance, which leads our bodies to jerk to make them sweat among the shadows of our breathless existence.

A music able to go through four decades with a surprising freshness: it’s useless to do research to see if there are bands that could generate some inspiration, they go straight like spindles following what they do best: have their own style, their own personality that emerges in each of the nine tracks.

Yes, surely we can also define their music with some genres, but what I pay attention to are the emotions appearing in a row, stuck together, along kilometers of dark joy that shake and remove the frivolity of a definition: you dance, you reflect, you fly and you sink with vehemence and this is what I want to emphasize.

Now let’s take a ride in it to better enjoy these 9 seeds that grow after each time of listening.

Future anthem

A keyboard, noises in the background, a female voice, and then a magnificent drum and bass make us leap from the chair and dance immensely, with a song with the scent of ebm that leaves room for a whirling industrial.

I want

A heartfelt, suffering singing is followed by a guitar wearing a Darkwave dress and a drumming which catches our legs and takes them into the middle of a busy, sweaty night.

Keyboards become a wave guiding our minds, while the title of the song is repeated with feeling to persuade the “beautiful light” to arrive.

Fade away

Here the run is less frenetic, and vocals comes to be central, the music becomes delicious while the shadows are precise and try to suffocate us, but this synth song manages to scatter them making us free: simply delicious!

I am nothing

Out of the shadows, here we are again running and the keyboards become capable of sinking their blows lightly and with depth, vocals become a military march increasing pathos.

A secret

It starts slowly, then a bass with a well-structured Postpunk dna leads us to a beautiful guitar opening our belly and we are shaken by this melodic genre connection where the melody wins and conquers us. Its gait is pure spectacle.


The song that gives the title to the album and which sees the participation of Alex Svenson of THEN COMES SILENCE is a fresco of rhythmic sadness seducing us, a mantra sticking to the heart. And when the rhythm slows down to then become fast again “remain the silence” is repeated, nailing the listener while the guitar scratches our body now surrendered to the beauty of this tune.

Two minutes to collapse

And here it is the modern industrial that mates: the song is born dark, it sounds out our gut, a slow anesthesia that surrounds our mind to get it to sleep.

White moon – Cold lights

With Sonya Scarlet, who gives the song tension and electricity, we become fast bats, looking for night spaces, industrial embracing Darkwave, a guitar that comes to be a razor but of great precision to cut our skin flaps. Magnificent!


We have reached the end, the night is about to give way to the lights but first we are greeted by the vehement Ghost, a perfect synthesis of the journey we have just made.

A long introduction, composed of slowness and that makes us sigh, leads us to a hammering that is not a sound but rhythmic – emotional noise, traces of decomposed ebm diving into a dance that is coitus, a forbidden fruit that dances, giving us a dark pleasure.

A conclusion that fills our hearts: we’re ready to listen to it again, having discovered an album that will surely be among the favourite listenings of this 2020

Alex Dematteis

This is the link of the single:

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