My review: UNRULY GIRLS – Epidemic


My review

Second album for the band from Benevento and the guys raise the bar to hit the target: a scratchy record taking us towards different areas, becoming a sound ball that rolls with a powerful ability.

It is an intense walk composed of 13 stages and in each of them we find musical genres flirting, embracing each other, it is also a passing of time, made of a modern psychedelia that with the use of electronics leads to an alternative rock calling in a low voice a synthwave that even if defiladed is effective.

Starting from the single SHE GREW UP IN A SHOTGUN ROW, acid, gloomy, neurotic, electric ( Suicide compliment satisfied ) these guys offer us PLEASE GIVE ME A SMILE, with a sound carpet that looks towards EBM, but then Sun Dial and The Jesus & Mary Chain of Honey’s Dead seem to arrive with a really remarkable psychedelia: they show their face, they put their style and it is a pure jewel.

CHANSON MASSACRE surprises us: a different style, a straight leg entrance that second after second grows, develops to amaze and wrap us with Maria Pia Santillo’s voice in a modern and convincing crooning.

DREN CROM has a start in the style of Front 242 that immediately makes us spring into a held back dance until its electric opening, a simple but powerful guitar, later developing its texture intriguingly.

Black Love is one of the moments with more impact, sensual and seductive, explosive, sticking to our ears.

No Wonder You Want Me Dead: a song that expresses all their search for a melody that can be efficient with psychedelic interventions and inlays that enchant us.

BLOODY RUSHING: powerful guitars, a riff that immediately looks like the cradle of a mantra that overwhelms us for its strength and that sees later almost whispered vocals; a sexy and intriguing song.

SYRUP & SODA is a new surprise, slow, nocturnal flashes, keyboards making us dreamy, Saint Etienne with a modern approach, invigorated and powerful, another gem of the album.

NARC BOYFRIEND: a whisper, little sound whippings, Tubeway Army peeping out.

DEATH IN APRIL: a long introduction leading to the early ‘90s, the Welsh Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci appear here with their psychedelic folk and alternative sounds.

EVERYDAY A DEAD CAT is one of the apexes in Epidemic: rarefied in the right amounts, it becomes psychedelic and joyful, winning the heart and you listen to it fully satisfied, the marriage between the 70’s and 2000’s comes to be perfect.

YOUTH BARBARISM moves in an evolving way with vocals that, well centered and supported by effective electronics, blows up softly in our faces.

And the album ends with WE GO AND GOODS REMAIN, perfect in looking like a goodbye, descendant of Pink Floyd, it is a track that seems to smile at us with elegance, with a sinuosity that envelops and leaves us having satisfied our taste requirements, it was a wonderful walk and we also ate high quality music.

I highly recommended.

Alex Dematteis

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