My review: LUNAR TWIN – – Ghost Moon Ritual

LUNAR TWIN – Ghost Moon Ritual

The American duo composed of Christopher Murphy (production/music) and Bryce Boudreau (vocals/co-production) is back with its second Lp Ghost Moon Ritual.

And they return with 13 songs that charm the scribe with their delicacy and their remarkable ability to use different references and musical genres in a wonderful mix.

It’s still a journey through time and space, endless prairies are opened in our imagination and vocals are able to seduce us with their sensuality, with a crooning that becomes modern and in a way that can suggest us important names of whom we perceive a great influence. The whole thing on a music that never fails to be warm, velvety, a refined electronic music incorporating beats fed on soul and downtempo, to make it all so dreamy.

It’s a dream pop that comes to be ethereal and has the absolute gift of often converging towards a modern psychedelia.

The atmosphere of the album seems like a path through this wounded world, a journey among the remains of a dying planet, but the music appears to give oxygen and protection, to transmit positivity.

Bryce Boudreau seems to stretch his gaze from the not far Canada to meet Leonard Cohen and to draw from this Master, but the whole thing is not just a copy since he puts in something of himself to make us distance from a possible mere ritual of imitation.

Chris Murphy becomes precious with atmospheres always able to make us move inside dreams and travels.

Voyager, with its guitar and its velvety electronic beats, seems to enhance Bryce’s voice in a definitive way and the whispered echoes are surprising and effective.

Breathe is another extraordinary moment, a wandering between desert and space.

Electric Lights represents another gem, highlighting the work of these two artists together.

A really intense, soft, necessary album, a dreamy flame coming to warm us.

Alex Dematteis

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