My review: 23 and beyond the infinite – Elevation to the misery

23 and beyond the infinite – Elevation to the misery

My review

The band from Benevento is back with a really remarkable Lp: it’s an acid collection of songs that nervously insinuate themselves in our skin, make us vibrate, shake, a psychedelic apotheosis contemplating perfectly synchronized musical genres.

A short album, and it’s a very good thing on second thought, 8 songs, almost 34 minutes of delirium and beauty making it clear that even in Italy there are realities like these, an international scope that deserves consideration: once you listen to it you are intoxicated with suggestions.

Playhouse is its calling card: a magnetic, powerful trap that gravitates in guitars with The Cramps style, but with a long-distance look reaching the ‘70s, it is really remarkable.

Magnetic Glance, with its ‘60s psychedelic start but with Postpunk guitars and bass, moves masterfully and fills up impetuously with sounds and vibrations, an important track to enter the heart of the band.

With That Pig Was Right everything comes close to a pure neurosis, essential and dark couchgrass, a perfect drumming with guitars on it, and then the voice that is suspended and later connects to the sound uproar: enchanting.

A Mild Lie is the song that most seems to come from a powerful psychedelic garage compilation, a slow but effective run, with a dry, sharp, sensual guitar, a bass that becomes a mantra, the drumming seizes our legs and off you go, in a flight with open eyes.

Las Vegas, with the initial gothic vocals (we’re near Bauhaus) is immediately stopped by an enchanting music, a wonderful Wah Wah, an apocalyptic and explosive drumming, the voice kept away becomes evocative, to close in the best possible way an album really full of ideas and skills, which gives the Italian Boot beauty and sense: chapeau!

Alex Dematteis

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