My review: IST IST – Architecture

IST IST – Architecture

My review

“I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” Martha Washington

It’s pure water vapour running all over my body. A body in touch with a mind and a heart enveloped in sacred flames lit by these 10 flashes of grey sand, which rises from Manchester and, penetrating, circumnavigates the temporal space of a soul hungry for beauty.

Five years spreading shadows and circular, diamond smiles, five years growing from face to face, from room to room, a majestic stain creating bonds with this band, a blood cluster that digs in the territory almost in Silence, like Wolves with no aptitude for howling, but that doesn’t mean not hungry.

It’s a white and grey room, ten dark and twisted echoes riding between the grooves, now powerfully, now desperate with a slowness that becomes atrociously bearable only for the beauty, impetuous and unstoppable, that takes your breath away, where Black becomes the Discipline in which to untangle misery and a lack of strength.

A debut like this needs a spotlight that embraces it with gratitude, because we are witnesses of a work that with time will be pulsating in every inch of the heart, to enter, like a dragonfly painted with fog, into your applauding beats.

What is a musical genre, an echo of the past, a reference that could peep if everything is then suspended by 10 tall redwoods that, going wild, have defeated the process of the passing of time through years and decades?

Ist Ist have become, invited with atmospheres that examines the human soul with a music able to be icy, annoying, scary, that throws our belly and our breath into the endless slime. As well as with a vibrant music, thunderous and capable of confusing our senses and exhausting us from fatigue.

It is an electric discharge that does not immobilise us, but which makes us leap between NIGHT’S ARM and A NEW LOVE SONG.

An album that could separate idiots who give in to the impulse of comparison to exalt themselves (with their listenings and references) or the band they think have the merit of having inspired this work of art, from those who find an explicit identity and beauty and glory only from these compositions that are perhaps, for those idiots mentioned before, not easy to find.

But they are ten birch trees that majestically put themselves to our listening with personality and originality, a work in their structure that is precisely architectural: among the many styles that we can discover in the world, here we find irresistible branches, personal, intense, voluminous in settling without hesitation.

A spectacular sound with a production that picks and distributes rich and succulent fruits, whether they are autumn or winter ones, here two seasons find no space, those seeking the spring breeze or summer heat have to stay away.

The genre, the musical genres living inside this work are secondary: what counts first is to reach the awareness of the enchantment that goes beyond any definition and the need to channel our listening in a place that may seem convenient or not. Inside it there is first a Spirituality to be perceived that is our highest priority and without which everything else would be debased.

But what is emotion talking about if not its essence, its genesis and development?

Here, then, we are facing boys acting like adults who do not stand out against someone, they are discomforts and visions incorporated in order not to be easily disintegrated.

But what is architecture?

Definition : Artistic elaboration of the structural, functional and aesthetic elements of a construction.

And here it seems to me that nothing more should be added, we just have to dip ourselves as a drunken amazement into their architecture to get out of it dazed but happy.

Alex Dematteis

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