My review: IZA GRAU – Vasteness Hurts

IZA GRAU – Vastness Hurts

From Modena IZA ( Italy ) Grau have produced a wonderful album: sparks of joy and admiration start from the old scribe hoping that they will glide onto the hearts of many people.

It’s a record made of songs of high quality, full of talent and ability but above all able to reach our heart.

As much as I don’t like to label musical genres, we are dealing here with a Postpunk which cleverly moves towards an effective rock alternative.

But its matrix is a modern Postpunk sounding pleasantly fresh, well-structured with effervescent vocals and sticking to our skin.

The guitars fly gloomy and happy in the areas of the last English 70s: Sergio and Alessandro are accomplices of a chemistry producing muscular masses of uncontrollable melodies, perfect weavers of sounds capable of recalling a glorious past and then with their talent converging towards these 2000’s that need sound of this kind.

Roberto on drums is really remarkable for his precision and imagination and he leads us to nervous but safe dances.

Giuseppe on bass gives security and is able to create atmospheres perfectly aligned with the guitars.

Luca on vocals reveals his intensity, his power, a really remarkable harmonic capacity in his voice.

Nine songs for 42 minutes that are good for an Italy now in great difficulty to fully free with conviction bands like this one deserving consideration and full knowledge.

Recoil and Inviolate are dense, full surgery for our wounds, they are both, in different ways, able to cure our hunger for songs sticking in our mind, carrying our heart and body towards a pleasantly hysterical but fully effective and happy dance.

Burn Everything is a nocturnal sunbeam: slowed down the rhythm, beauty doesn’t slow down, in a song that results in a contagious and full chorus.

With the track that gives the title to the album ( Vastness Hurts ) we are probably faced with their highest point: massive sound, hypnotic keyboards, then the bass, drums and guitars start sidereal, stunning us completely while vocals shapes us.

A bass taking our breath away and guitars leaving the last scratch on our skin.

However the whole record is full of songs that deserve to be listened to: you won’t regret it.

Alex Dematteis

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