My review: PARTINICO ROSE – Songs for sad and angry people

PARTINICO ROSE – Songs for sad and angry people

Of the many Italian bands that have decided to sing in English we can’t forget the Sicilian Partinico Rose, a group that last December released this album able to connect Postpunk of the early 80s to the present day. Ten tracks where Vincenzo Cannizzo’s guitars show elements of strong connection with the 80s and many are the bands that seem to appear along the perimeter of this record. Vocals, powerful and convincing, strengthen the songs with pathos. A voice that seems a more angry version of that of Hans from The Essence. These are songs showing how evident is the will not to forget this musical genre: we must not look for something new, but simply enjoy the tracks that slip away leaving us happy anyway. I want to underline the ability of the rhythmic section of Massimo Russo on bass and Carlo Schembari on drums: compact and incisive they give the songs an essential strength. The story of cancer is to be listened to as a symbol of my thought: it contains their musical path perfectly. The Revenge with its introduction brings to mind The Cure, then it shifts the focus, becoming aggressive, and other bands can come to mind. Could you share my pain: for the scribe the final song is the most interesting one, it opens different considerations regarding what is in their power.

Alex Dematteis

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