My review: LOST MESSAGES – Modern Disease

LOST MESSAGES – Modern disease

In awe.

Infinite amazement, beauty entering our veins.

Wealth of a black river purifying souls.

The Italian couple LOST MESSAGES arrives with their debut album and blasts us away with their synth-wave, we thank them breathless, touched and, while we’re at it, we experience the pleasure of seeing once again the excellent work of Valerio Lovecchio that with his SWISS DARK NIGHTS is giving many Italian bands (but not only) an opportunity to be able to produce records that are proving to be contagious with their beauty.

This album is a passionate and incendiary night, fragments of life gathering in the darkness.

Marina Mundo and Davide Colella don’t stop with synth-wave but advance, resolute, and wisely colour their creature with a refined Darkwave, digressing sometimes towards a mysterious but powerful Coldwave.

They are 9 black missiles that starting from a possible rebirth defeat death with synthetic circular dances, it’s a triumph of sounds recalling the 80s with deep wisdom.

David’s voice is magnetic, like a ferocious trap, it’s able to be as sweet as a blade that offers us no safety.

Yes, they are exactly 9 missiles wandering undisturbed in our hearts: keyboards and an essential drumming that paralyze and uncover the nerves.

The two have studied and have done that well and then, off they go, in a hurry, to their war room to push the black button of beauty to make us explode.

The appetite grows by listening: one after the other these bullets stick into our flesh, it’s an amazing crescendo, there is no sweat in our listening because the beauty of their compositions anesthetized us immediately with TASTE LIKE VOID and perceptions immediately changed: hauntingly beautiful song.

And the journey continues with TRUE ESSENCE and by now we can have a certainty: we surrendered to a voice, to a sound carpet, we dance and empty the superfluous with an existence revealing its true essence.

With ENVYING THE SCUM we are delirious, we dance, we are silent.

FADING DREAMS reveals how it is possible to make comparisons and win them: I prefer this song to many things of the most beloved Depeche Mode, no disrespect to the English band.

PYRE arrives and we overturn: heavy sounds, able to make us fall, killer keyboards, charming atmosphere, definitive knockout.

The gloomy and icy EMPATHY calls to report several feelings: its slow progress, the voice governing our nerves, a music crying over us.

MEMENTO: we jump in the air, we do it with joy, Marina’s voice arrives, we are chained to the sounds, effective and bitter, we are a perfect electronic sadness.

And near the end of the album we find UNVEILING THE MIRROR: stop it please, another pearl punching us in the face, we are inside those sounds that between synth-wave and Coldwave don’t allow escape and we are knocked down with no voice that can oppose.

We reach the end with NO PLACE FOR US: everything becomes lighter because the couple has mercy on us, they give us an atmospheric and sensual dance, a greeting with a grim smile, glacial but capable of warning us.

Released in January, this album will reach the end of the year intact: one of the pearls of 2020.

Alex Dematteis

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