My review: DEATH LOVES VERONICA – Lucid Dreams


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My review


Texan Veronica Campbell comes to her first real album and does it in an amazing way.

After two ep and some singles (all collected in the previous release THREE ACTS) she presents herself with her explosive mixture of a minimal wave sometimes very pure but often, in a celestial way, she combines it with a dark electro also calling to itself doses of exciting Coldwave.

They are ten exhibitions of pure talent, icy night marks becoming eternal.

Melody, sweetness, mystery, elegance: these qualities converge powerfully making us obedient in a rapacious and fast listening, I like this sound seduction that does not know deadlocks.

A record that flows well and projects us satisfied towards atmospheres sweeping away the autumn mist like a summer fan.

Her voice, often whispered, her full laughter, are caresses on music imbued with a blanket surrounding the coffin of the world: she is able to be funereal and direct, she knows no hesitation and proceeds at a quick pace to define the world with her crystalline class.

I came here for you

A dark but enchanting keyboard opens the way: Veronica takes us into her world gently, we are a waiting darkness.


Her voice is filled with steam and pain to melt us.


A jewel enclosing Minimal and Coldwave: a killer chorus to freeze our hearts.

Blood King

One of the purest jewels shines in our listening, and a laughter surprises us for a song that reveals her passion for keyboards that have everything of the old Coldwave, but her vocals have their undeniable originality.


Dark electro in excellent expansion, the voice doubles in a magnetic and nocturnal song.

Every time

We remain very high with a track that reveals strength and determination.

You Said Forever

Rarefaction, slowness, suspension: and then off, Veronica opens her heart.


It is pure seduction bringing us to her room, the moment when everything becomes clear and sublime.


A bass that upsets us, she becomes a witch, keyboards that bend us.


For the last song of the album, we cry outside, outdoors, slowly but subjugated by a concrete and essential Minimal.

Alex Dematteis


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