My review: LA MAIN – La mélodie du Sombre

LA MAIN – La mélodie du Sombre

Joann Guyonnet is back: his sticky madness is here in these 10 tracks and we become his prey for this new album.

The mysterious Frenchman sets off his menu made of Synthpop Coldwave and Minimal Synth with determination to make everything accustomed to an electronic sacredness.

And Joann slows down the rhythm to increase the amazement of melodic lines really full of sadness and spirituality in perfect connection.

But there are also episodes carrying and throwing us in the mud ( Dans le Coin is irresistible, we are moving legs with a powerful Minimal Synth )

And with Caché Sous Les Draps the game is made: we no longer oppose and we become the sons of his mantra.

And Vif is the celebration, the ritual of the muscular and dark Coldwave that vigorously throws itself into a Synthwave of pure class, dancing jubilation.

And with Cet Hiver, the last track of this album, with its ghostly dance, Joann says goodbye and we really happily thank him for this refreshing cascade of darkness and tension.

Alex Dematteis

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