My review: THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN Feat. JACK RICHARD SOBEL ( Black Swan Lane ) – Dreams turn gray


When two artists living on opposite sides of the planet decide to create a song that make the rest of us feel close.

Andy Jossi has created a shiny new sound of poetry that weaves tones of wonder and beautiful things that often take your breath away. And this time, he has chosen Jack Richard Sobel from Black Swan Lane to collaborate with. An appropriate choice that helps bring the music to life. Stimulating and heartfelt lyrics that will shock hearts.

Doses of melancholy and flowing guitars that are irrepressible in their way of expressing themselves. Hypnotic beats and bursts of brightness and light brings the music to the clouds of shoegaze bliss. Over time, Andy from The Churchhill Garden has been able to create music without fear, but with that skill of which we all know he is capable.

From Switzerland to the USA, Andy and Jack have created a dreamy shoegaze track that glides through the houses of the world to bring us a thrill and a combinational feeling of both melancholy and happiness.

And no, it’s not easy to run, but surely it’s simple to disappear inside this skywave that swims in our minds and hearts to make us bleed with its suggestion of colouring our dreams gray.

Alex Dematteis

Out tomorrow 15th May 2020

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