My review: VIOLENT VICKIE – Circle Square

Violent Vickie – Circle Square

My review

To anticipate the new Lp Division, this wonderful single arrives confirming the musical path of Violent Vickie, the girl from Long Beach, California, who here launches her new attack on our ankles making us dance with skill, with a wild propensity to make us sweat and to fill our minds with suggestions.

Her ability is to range through different kind of music with elegance and great maturity, always giving us the impression that for her the various musical genres are not a land of conquest but part of her.

Circle Square is a sensual labyrinth, guided by a dark electro that wedges in a dark techno, without us even realizing it. With so many other things combined in a borderless intersection, a continuous discovery.

Her voice as always conquers and seduces us, you can’t hold it still, it goes up crazy like a night flight making us get a splendid and continuous thrill.

A simple but powerful bass guides the song to fill it with an electronic sound enveloping us and leading us to a night dance with a wonderful synth.

And everything is imbued with sensuality: this tune freezes us with the tenderness of vocals that don’t need comparisons; they have their own personality and modality, they conquer us tirelessly. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to them.

And it’s ecstasy.

We embrace the night with this electronic journey that envelops us, takes us into the heart of darkness without giving us fear. Actually it is the exact opposite.

We just have to wait for her Lp knowing that we will receive joy and satisfaction. Our arms are already wide open …

Alex Dematteis

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