My review * DELPHINE COMA – Secondary Eyes – 2020 – Swiss Dark Nights

DELPHINE COMA – Secondary Eyes

It’s the way it is: Texans don’t miss a beat!

Their new ep has just come out with 2 new shiny jewels demonstrating their state of grace, and two remixes made by the teammates of the brilliant Swiss Dark Nights, Hapax and The Coventry.

Secondary Eyes is the absolutely perfect combination of the best Darkwave with an elegant synthwave.

Ashe Ruppe’s vocals are powerful and sensual, they rely on a bass able to captivate us and on a guitar, Amendoa’s, that cuts the air. Keyboards are almost kept in the background, but they do their job very well.

With OUT OF MY HEAD the atmosphere becomes slower and more rarefied, we are close to an approaching melancholy, the effected vocals and the keyboards dominate the sky.

The Coventry takes Secondary Eyes and makes it perfect for a Dancing Hall: dark and sensual, they fill it with an effective electronic.

Hapax, on the other hand, does of Secondary Eyes a version in which they prefer the guitar and the keyboards with a new arrangement.

Nothing to add: a brilliant new step forward for these talented guys.

Alex Dematteis

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