My review: RECLAIM VIENNA – Infamous


The guys from Cheshire are back with a brilliant new single: if at first we could think about them as a band that could be a great mix between Joy Division and Slow Readers Club, now we can notice a big step forward in originality and direction with this song that shines by its own light.

A tune that in terms of lyrics offers the possibility of reflection with regard to those who are not able to apologise, that finds in music a strong ally, with a captivating melody, an indie dark electro song attracting us for martial but melodic lead vocals and overlapping voices with effective backing vocals. Echoes also of Depeche Mode, but with a guitar that scratches our heart, effective, incisive.

A band absolutely able to take us with their forays on the melodies of the 80s, but with the merit of making them fresh in their sounds.

Highly recommended.

INFAMOUS will find room in your hearts for its elegant construction and for a chorus capable of invading your ears.

RECLAIM VIENNA are: Jonathan Steen – Vocals/ Danny Smith – Guitar / Ryan Harlow – Guitar / Ryan Smith – Drums / Harry Woodrow – Keys/Electronics / Paul Hill – Bass

Alex Dematteis

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