My review: Gary John Taylor – Stories

Gary John Taylor – Stories

After the New York Tourists project, Gary John Taylor begins his solo career and the boy from Chorley cranks out a sensational album: sweet music, folk traces, captivating stories, a remarkable sense of reality and wonderful arrangements lead the scribe to define this solo debut as a work of sublime quality.

Listening to these 12 songs is a delight, songs which, quick and effective, stick in our hearts.

A perfect sound for these melodies able to capture and envelope us.

Guitars and voice in a combination that seems angelic and sunny, a journey into our days with attentive eyes and acute sensitivity.

There are moments in which it seems to listen to a perfect mix between the old Neil Young of the early 70s and the inspired Badly Drawn Boy: nectar nourishing our desires for out of time enchantments, to find refuge in songs that bring honey and remove the poison of our mean times.

When we feel the continuous need to listen to an album, it is easy to understand its value and power: a jewel that would be a shame to keep hidden and private.

Instead, it needs to be known and shared to give it the right recognition and consideration.

It’s hard to say which are my favourite songs: it wouldn’t make sense to do this, given the great homogeneity, the essential and precise production, every track feeds the next one you listen to, and it’s a record that in its simple orchestration is capable of stopping time with its beauty.

One of my favourite albums of this 2020!

Out 24th July 2020

Alex Dematteis

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