My review: The Psychedelic Furs – Made of rain

Once upon a time there was a farewell album by a band that was losing its strength and couldn’t focus on its musical path, “World Outside” (1991).
The Psychedelic Furs are back with their eighth studio work Made Of Rain which, it should be said right from the start, is clearly greater than the previous one.
The English band founded by the brothers Richard and Tim Butler, voice and bass respectively, sees today in its lineup the guitarist Rich Good, saxophonist Mars Williams, Amanda Kramer on keyboards and Paul Garisto on drums. It shows that it is in great shape retaining its style but adding something new.
Since the beginning they have been a band able to mix punk, pop, glam rock and psychedelia, undoubtedly influencing a lot of musicians. This is indisputable.

Produced by Richard Fortus and mixed by Tim Palmer (Robert Plant,U2, David Bowie), in the album we see lyrics that deal with many aspects of life, among the most evident ones those of disillusionment, loneliness and anxiety, and an evident loss of values.
And so this time the musicians, in addition to keeping their precise genre, dive with confidence in dark pop, synthpop, new wave, folk, and in some cases even with well-finished doses of space rock in a musical journey that knows no hesitation.
The sound becomes more refined and at production level an excellent job has been done giving omegeneity to all the songs.
The album presents us a Richard Butler in great shape with a voice able to be romantic and powerful, showing a greater vocal range compared to the past.
And some guitar solos clearly show a different approach.
Amanda is really in excellent shape with her essential and charming keyboards.
This album definitely gives us a certainty: the many years since their last record have been the reason to find again freshness and intent, and now more than ever you can hear how much they are capable of being compact, because there are no moments of loss or ups and downs.
The majestic No-One stands out above all the others, in my opinion it is one of their most beautiful songs ever: it leads to unstoppable tears and the voice is perfectly aligned with the drama of the music. Endless thrills.

There are few bands from the 70’s and 80’s able to return at this level: God bless them!

Alex Dematteis

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