Song of the night


Song of the night


宇宙ネコ子 君のように生きれたら My review



My review

宇宙 ネ コ 子


After 7 years of songs, singles, appearances, the band from Kanagawa, Japan, makes a debut with an album composed of seven songs which is a sound fresco capable of combining the pop attitude of the band with glimpses of shoegaze that make our listening intriguing.

The initial VIRGIN SUICIDE is a door, well structured in its sound, a melodic line that smells like Dreampop with guitars that wink strongly to shoegaze, when the mixture works.

With the next KIMI NO YOUNI IKIRETARA we are instead in a sound context, surprised enough to give the band credit for diversifying the method and the melody, this is a song that embraces pop in the most elegant way.

LIKE A RASPBERRY is perhaps the vortex of the album if we talk about sweetness in the singing … a bass, drums, a keyboard that seem to hide and the voice draws a song like a painting of modern melody.

FILM manages to make us understand many things about their musical knowledge, a song that acts as a link between the first and the second part of the album, a suspended and seductive atmosphere.


Undoubtedly the sexiest tune, mischievous in its sounds, which enters the ears to enter the heart. Guitar pinches, and there she goes, approaching over majestic guitars in the chorus.

TIMELESS represents the ‘80s of the first Sarah Records, it is difficult to escape that hotbed of talent that my favourite record label was .. it really seems to go back in time.

The album ends with FLOWERS and we face a new surprise … a lullaby suspended by the crackle of a stylus on a vinyl, an ancient atmosphere that closes a really intense album even though short and it is probably all for the best, we get back to listening to it again …

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