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My review: EXTINGUISHER – Reasons

Extinguisher – Reasons

The city of angels guards under its sky this exquisite and delicate talent, Carly Jennifer with her project, capable of converting into music wings outstretched in the sound flight that, starting from trip hop to feed also on electronic sounds, is able to enter other atmospheres where curiosity and sensuality embrace.

A delicate song that seduces our senses and warms them, a subtle voice full of pathos surrounds the need to remove noises and uproars giving us a jewel of elegance.

You won’t find it hard to be seduced by these minutes in which feeling transported among night dreams will be the most beautiful and simple thing to do.

We just need to accept all this and remember that things touching the heart, when they are delicate, have the power to remain there…

Alex Dematteis


My review: GEOMETRIC VISION – New Single

Geometric Vision – Slowemotion

The guys from Naples are back with a single that inflames our beats and makes our bodies levitate in a melodic and sensual dance, dark enough to confirm their sound, which still glides on the territory of an electric Darkwave, preserving their traits of a necessary mixture between a melodic research and a robust and electric sound surrounding our senses.

A song that presents us their increased talent: a composition oscillating between the 80s and the current music wave, a magnetic flow where Ago, Gennaro and Roberto show their compactness making us dance with our eyes closed and bringing out our emotions, often embalmed.

A whirling and sensual keyboard and bass support a warm and baritone voice, the guitar sharpens our legs with its painting of wave trajectories and splinters of Postpunk enter our veins for an ensemble that proves to be perfect.

A tune that immediately enters our mind with its darkness and magnetism, leading the guys into a musical universe that is not anchored to their city but able to fly, touching the whole planet with a deep breath and capable of annexing different places, making us make a leap in time.

There is a sense of gravity, mystery and magic in these minutes, which assure us a total dependence if we live of these fascinations.

Highly recommended: may the dancefloors welcome our dreamy bodies in the dance of the sons of Vesuvius.

Alex Dematteis