SPC ECO – 11 Nov Ep

New songs by this excellent band: Dreampop – Alternative – Electronic





From Berlin, Germany, great cyberpunk-electronic-darkwave ep



This Usa band is very interesting: here new one, dark wave – electronic – goth



Great single from this industrial metal band

From Boston Usa


My review: BRIGITTE HANDLEY – Koln

Tomorrow new single by Brigitte Handley

Brigitte Handley – Köln

Philosophy is a place in our mind, even before being a beautiful stain laid down on a book. It’s a flow of energy that surrounds, envelops, seduces and carries us so far away. There are arts that take their inspiration from philosophy, like a Muse dressed in beauty and with whom it’s wonderful to go out to dinner, and then who knows? And Cologne was the capital of it with the Albertist school. The Australian fairy Brigitte Handley is back with a surprising song, which seems to be inspired by philosophy, full of its surroundings, the experience of a city that in recent years sees her as an inhabitant capable of mixing cultures. She’s an artist who continues her journey made of stunning and undeniable growth, of the ability to choose effective collaborations (Matahari Ranch, who was present in the remix of her song Lament of a Lost Soul) and to develop sounds, melodies, her recognition to a city that has always been at the forefront. She does it with an enthralling song from the very beginning, to arrive at a formidable mixture between singing and speaking, reaching a refrain that sticks in our mind. You can whistle it, sing it, dance it and you can even reflect on striking words, leading us to a universe that goes beyond all sense of time. An electronic music that also looks towards Disco of the seventies, Kraftwerk, Beats able to strike us, to make us light bodies that vibrate in the air, we turn to be absent towards reality, and we dive into this rhythm, in this song that really develops everything that was invented and created in Germany. Electronic keyboards that absorb us, Brigitte’s voice in the verse is decisive, rhythmic and then becomes very sweet in the refrain. The construction of this tune go further the song form, we are sparks of light messy and therefore wonderful as we move beyond midnight, and we leave with her words that bring us to pay attention: they deserve consideration. A song that shows the ability not to remain within a cliché, which has always been a feature of her art (you can listen to her solo debut album and you will see how she was able to change the dress of some songs of her band The Dark Shadows), and to explore different and mastered ways to express her talent. Köln arrives towards the end of this tragic year, giving us five minutes and twenty-one seconds of cybernetic beauty, human warmth, research, contagious magic that makes us feel beautiful, and God knows we need it. Brigitte creates a jewel: it’s up to us to recognise it, to go through it, to enjoy its beauty, her self-giving is pure love, always questioning herself, finding the way that can be shared by many people. A great work also with her voice, treated and filtered to take the shape of mermaids on a feast day: they attract us, destination Koln, without hesitation, so we just have to pack our bags and we will land in her new city to which she dedicated her best song. The scribe has no doubt about that!

Alex Dematteis


Single available tomorrow 2nd November 2020