My review: HAMMERSHOI – Hammershoi

My review: Hammershoi – Hammershoi

When I find myself immersed in the beauty of these sounds and of this auditory magnet, then I think that my luck is really great.

The French duo manages to break down the distance of time by baking fresh, crisp, flavourful bread with this album that nourishes legs, mind and heart.

Immersed in the typically French intense synthwave, this work shows the splendid impulse to skilfully go through even an intelligent and non-invasive EBM. There is always an intense lightness in their compositions, where madness elegantly visits the dance floors.

8 sound flashes that make you understand how in these musical fields everything is still possible in terms of evolution and amazement.

The two voices intersect with constancy charming us, perfect in their interplay.

You dance with your legs but also with your eyes, as a flow that involves without separating. But the most captivating part of this album are the songs, able to become nails in your head: mantras, nocturnal splinters like guiding diamonds, rhythms driven by a drum machine beating at full strength, an electronic that never stops surrounding us like grey and black magnets.

We are in a track swelling our chest: the Germany of Daf, the Belgium of the first Coldwave and Synthwave, the France of the golden age, all together to stun us. We are intoxicated and corrupted by these sparks full of breath.

Alex Dematteis

My review: VERSARI – Sous la pray

VERSARI – Sous la peau


The Parisian Versari are back: 3 albums in 13 of career are not many, but their growth is continuous and powerful and it deserves a curious approach.

In April SOUS LA PEAU was released and I think it’s their most complete work, able to unite their rock soul in the musical currents that here are indie rock, Postpunk and a subtle post hard-core of great value.

They are eight stones that for 30 minutes show the cracks of life, the greyness of our time, bass guitars and drums that like an annoying thorn stick in our mind.

They travel safely with a sound that is robust, effective, disturbing, sensual, dynamic, there are accelerations and slowdowns, sharp edges to be hit.

And the cold hard poetry of a Paris that offers its side, they strike it with respect, describing with words and sounds years full of difficulties.

For me it’s remarkable the hard work of production that enhances the compactness and a nervous sound but able to impact with its melody: this is an album confirming a Northern France always interested in going to school to learn what the world offers, but then their style adds that touch of class and originality that distinguishes them from the others.

Take the last stone of the album PLUS DE TRISTESSE to get an idea: 5 minutes of melancholy, a slow neurotic dance, a malignant and scratchy guitar scraping our defenses, a bass crumbling the weakest stones, a voice full of nostalgia and gloom contaminating our heart.

Think, for example, of LA PEUR AU VENTRE: an intense song, a recitative by Jean that is well suited with the guitar, one go back a few years without affecting their style and their peculiarities.

And ROSE seems to remind us some moments of Sonic Youth with a French attitude that seduces and conquers, killer post-rock guitars grabbing the bassist Laureline and the drummer Cyril with a mantra that moves and changes, becoming lethal in the fury of a guitar sound with the maximum power of persuasion: another Gem to enjoy.

But all the episodes are well-educated firecrackers: they upset without hurting too much, and lead to become attached with a relationship that smells of masochism: in front of so much anguish one gets intoxicated with a bitter smile.

I can only invite you to listen to and buy it: I am sure that you will begin to get closer to this band, aware of its ability to reach the strings of our soul not always touched by others.

Alex Dematteis